Attack Your Moobs In One Month With This Plan

Sitting around complaining about your moobs isn’t going to get rid of them. If you’re discouraged by the way your chest looks, you can do something about it. And you can do it in a single month! All you have to do is go a little beyond your comfort zone and be willing to make some changes.

1. Cut the crap!

In this case, the crap is the food you currently eat. Get rid of the high-calorie, low-nutrient fare that you’ve been noshing on. Specific foods like donuts, cakes, cookies, fries, and chips need to go! It’s these foods that cause weight gain and contribute to man boobs.

Follow a strict diet that includes nutrient-packed options like lean meats, eggs, fish, edamame, whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables. Your body will thank you for it and you could see a difference in your moobs in as little as a week.

2. Reduce your calories

You now know what to eat. All that’s left to do is create a caloric deficit. By doing this, your body will turn to its fat reserves for energy and you’ll lose weight. And remember, spot reduction is nonsense.

Weight is lost throughout your entire body. So if you cut back on your daily intake, you’ll lose your moobs and also lose weight in other areas where you might be storing fat. Aim for a 250- to 500-calorie daily reduction in calories.

3. Don’t forget about your drinks

Some people try to get away with drinking calorie-laden beverages while they’re trying to lose weight. That’s just not going to happen. Calories are calories, regardless of whether they’re from beer, soda, wine, fruit juice, or sweetened tea.

Leave all that stuff on the shelf or in the tap and choose water as your only drink.

4. Get your buns into the gym!

If you want your moobs gone in one month, then you’d better do more than just alter your diet. You’ll need to build muscle and burn even more calories through exercise. Perform drills like bench presses, back rows, military presses, squats, dips, curls, and bicycle crunches.

You may be thinking: Why not do all chest exercises? It appears you have a poor short-term memory! Spot reduction does not exist; that’s why. Add muscle to your entire body and your metabolism will elevate. You’ll then burn more calories over a 24-hour span and shed your moobs faster than a frog’s hop.

Add cardio training to the mix as well to boost the fat-burning even more. The key word here is “attack” your moobs. This means you have to pull out all the stops. If you really know how to dig deep, perform interval training where you alternate back and forth between high and low intensity exercise.


This game plan might strike you as hardcore, but that doesn’t matter. Is it more important for you to put your foot on the gas and go full steam ahead, or to stand idly by with your male breasts sagging for all the world to see?

If you like the idea of getting back your self-esteem and feeling confident, then go with the hardcore approach. Besides, after a few days, you’ll get into a rhythm and zap those moobs into oblivion in no time at all!

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