Lost your workout motivation? Get it back with these 6 tips!

“Bodybuilding is much like any other sport. To be successful, you must dedicate yourself 100% to your training, diet and mental approach” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

We could all learn a few things from Arnold. He’s the guy we all want to be. But what can you do when your motivation hits the dirt, and you can’t give 100%? When the thought of another training session is about as pleasurable as a root canal? It happens to the best of us (maybe even Arnie). But it doesn’t mean you should give up.

Here are 6 ways to get your gym mojo back this year:

Keep a workout log

Surprisingly few people keep a workout log, but it’s the only accurate way to track your progress. And, if you’re writing every workout down, it’s harder to justify a cheat day.
Seeing those numbers change week after week has got to be one of the most motivating tricks in the (log) book. It’s hard to stop working out when you can see your progress right there in black and white.

Keep your gym kit by your bed

It might sound silly, but this tip kept me afloat when I first started working out years ago. Keeping your gym kit by the bed where you can see it last thing at night and first thing in the morning can serve as a constant reminder to get your butt to the gym.

Just make sure your kit is clean! A funky kit that’s been festering since your last workout isn’t going to keep you motivated.

Get inspired by others

Before YouTube, I had to settle for those late-night fitness infomercials to help motivate me to exercise. Let’s just say I’m very thankful to those who created YouTube. There are plenty of fitness fanatics on sites like Facebook, Youtube and Instagram, not to mention pros you can follow to get quality workout tips, advice and motivation.

Join an online fitness community

There’s a whole legion of people who’ve lost their motivation to workout, just like you. Why not connect with them? Joining fitness communities like Bodyspace can do wonders for your fitness motivation and self-esteem.

Plus, if you publicly commit to a goal in one of these communities, you’ll pretty much gonna have to follow it through.

Take part in a challenge

Everyone loves a bit of healthy competition, and setting a challenge or bet with your workout buddies can be a great short-term motivation boost. Knowing you’re in a competition and have a deadline to stick to will make you work harder. Regardless of whether you win or lose the challenge, you’re working out.

Stock up on new kit

Who doesn’t love new gym clothes? Face it, when you’ve got yourself some badass new gym kit, you wanna show it off. Hell, even if you still think you can’t be bothered to hit the gym, wear that new kit anyway. Just putting it on will make you want to head straight to the weight room!

What next?

To get the best results from your workout, you need some kickass supplements. Whether you want to improve your strength, put on some serious mass or get ready for your first comp, CrazyBulk has you covered. We’ll even send you 8 free training & nutrition guides with your first order!
If these tips don’t motivate you to finish what you started, the only advice I have left for you is to man up and do it. Or, to quote Arnold agan: “Stop whining”.

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