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Smash your 2018 bodybuilding goals

November 05, 2020

If you’re trying to put on size, you’ll quickly realise there’s a ton of information out there. From bodybuilding pros to complete meatheads, everyone seems to have an opinion on the best way to bulk up. And some of that information is pretty freaking useless. So how can you sift through all the garbage?

Luckily, you don’t have to. Here at CrazyBulk, we’ve done the leg work for you. From tips for hardgainers to advice on which supplements to take with your morning cup of Joe, here are our top 5 bodybuilding posts from 2017:

5 muscle-building tips for hardgainers

This is for all you hardgainers out there. Don’t worry, there’s hope for you! If you’re that skinny dude that can’t bulk up no matter how much they try, check out these 5 muscle-building tips. You’ll be making gains in no time!

5 muscle-building tips for hardgainers >

Kick in the abs: Key tips for amazing abs

Everyone wants to be abulous. That’s a given. But what if you spend loads of time in the gym and still look like a marshmallow?

Fear not. We’ll have you as chiselled as Michelangelo’s David with these top tips for amazing abs.

Discover key tips for amazing abs >

The 101 on how to build muscle


How much protein do you need to be eating? What is lean muscle mass, and how can you get it? We get down and dirty with the basics of bodybuilding in our 101 guide on how to build muscle.

Get the 101 on building muscle >

5 supplements you should take at breakfast to gain muscle


Not sure what supplements to take with your morning coffee? Adding some key supplements to your morning ritual can fire up monster gains and give you the competitive advantage that you’ve been looking for. Check out these five options and see how they could work for you.

Take these 5 supplements at breakfast >

Fuelling female bodybuilding: What’s different?


There is still a load of sexism in the world of fitness, but in reality, women are just as capable of making gains as men. And just like male bodybuilding, women will need to adjust their lifestyle to put on some serious size.

That being said, the fuelling process is slightly different for women, so check out this guide if you’re trying to bulk up.

What’s different about female bodybuilding?

What next?

No matter how much you know, you still need some kickass supplements to make true gains. CrazyBulk has an insane range products to help you build muscle, improve your strength and reduce recovery time.

You’ve got the knowledge. You’ve got the products. What’re you waiting for?

Make 2018 a year of gains.

OK. It’s aready 2019, so take a look at our new guide: 4 Tips For Setting SMART Training Goals in 2019




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