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Comeback Kid Ramsford ‘Randy’ Smith Reviews The Full CrazyBulk Range

January 29, 2021

World Championship bronze medalist Ramsford ‘Randy’ Smith believes wholeheartedly in natural bodybuilding using scientifically proven supplementation. Good health is always at the forefront of his training methods, and for this reason, he was thrilled to become our first ever Crazybulk ambassador back in 2016.

A year on, and after extensive testing of our full Crazybulk product range, Randy wants to share his findings with you.

The former Mr Universe challenger has been using our bulking, cutting and strength range alongside a hardcore training regime in order to prepare himself for his comeback to the world of competitive bodybuilding at the age of 55.

When a former champion with over 30 years of supplement experience talks, anyone serious about natural bodybuilding should sit up and listen! Here’s what Randy has to say about the Crazybulk range;

Randy’s Review

“After a 16-year layoff, I decided to make a comeback into bodybuilding. Fortunately for me I came across a company called CrazyBulk, who are now my sponsor’s.

I’m not one for promoting products if there’s no truth behind their effectiveness. This is the reason I’ve used Crazybulk’s product range for this length of time before giving any kind of in-depth review.

After using Crazybulks’ various stacks for almost a year I can now give my first-hand experience on each of the products and the different ways I’ve used them.

The products below were taken on the basis of me training twice per day, I use CrazyBulk twice per day, unless I am on a low carb diet as this seems to have a negative effect on my stomach.

Bulking stack

This is Based on your body being naturally clean. It makes the body’s response much more effective.

The Crazybulk bulking stack consists of D Bal, Testo-Max, Trenorol, Deca-Duro.

The products work very well together. I have experimented with taking them at different times due to my ever adapting lifestyle, always with good results.

  1. I take these 45 minutes before training. This gives me a good boost and ensures I’m revved up to hit training hard. However, 45 minutes into training you can begin to feel the levels demising.
  2. Taking these at the start of my training session allows me to use my natural resources, then 45 minutes into my training session or when my body’s natural resources begin to run low the product kicks in. I can feel the difference for sure. The stack allows me to push my body longer and harder.
  3. Taking these 30 to 45 minutes after training seems to allow me to keep my pump longer. To achieve this, I eat a meal consisting of carbohydrates and protein, or alternatively have a protein and carb drink with zero or low fat content after training. The leaner the meal the better, it allows the carbs and protein to digest better.

View the CrazyBulk Bulking Stack >>

Cutting Stack

This is again based on your body being naturally clean. When your system is clean, the response is more effective but you do need longer on the products. The key is to eat the right diet low in fat, high in protein and adjust your training methods to assist the product’s effectiveness. I can’t stress how important this step is.

  1. Taking this stack 45 minutes before training gives me a good boost of energy and the concentration to hit training hard. The response of this stack takes me beyond 1.5 hours, after which you can begin to feel the levels diminishing slowly.
  2. Taking this stack at the start of my training sessions allows my body to warm up naturally to coincide with the amount of effort I put in. On this stack, I train at a higher intensity. The products kick around 30 minutes into my training session or when my body’s natural resource begins to run low. The stack allows me to push my body for longer and harder with little rest.
  3. I’d advise users to ensure an adequate amount of amino acids are taken in liquid form straight after their session finishes. That applies to both this stack and the bulking stack. What you will notice is the amino acid drink won’t taste the same after awhile, because the body’s need for it will be reduced.

View the CrazyBulk Cutting Stack >>

Strength Stack

Again, if your body is naturally clean the response will be more effective. The strength stacks can’t really be compared to any other products that i’ve found, so you need to give it time to really see the effects and feel the results.

What would affect the effectiveness of this stack greatly is the quality and consistency of your nutrition program so don’t expect to rely on the product alone.

  1. Taking this 15 minutes before training gives me a good strength window. By the time I start to lift heavy, the stack kicks in and gives my training the extra power and aggression I need without diminishing. Again when training for strength you need to adjust your training methods to suit.
  2. I don’t use this product at any other time.

View the CrazyBulk Strength Stack >>

Growth Hormone Stack

  1. I take this at the start of training, so by 40 to 45 minutes into my session, when my natural levels start to diminish, the stack kicks in. It gives me a greater volume of pump long after the training session. Again food enhances the results after training.
  2. I take HGH 2 and Testo-Max again separately just before bed. This gives me a better night’s sleep.

View the CrazyBulk Growth Hormone Stack >>

These are the various ways I’ve experimented over the past year with Crazybulk stacks. I’m looking forward to seeing what new products they might add to the product range in the future and can’t wait to give them a try!

Why not give it a try yourself? Check out the full range of CrazyBulk Stacks.

Want to learn more about Randy Smith? Check out his athlete profile here >>




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