Female Bodybuilding Workout: Beginner Ab Blast

Female Bodybuilding Workout: Beginner Ab Blast

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07 Feb 2024

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  1. What are abs exercises?
  2. Should beginners do abs workouts?
  3. The benefits of beginner abs workouts for female bodybuilders
  4. VIDEO: Female Bodybuilding Workout: Beginner Ab Blast
  5. The Abs video exercises explained
  6. Why YouTube videos are great for free expert workouts

Discover the best abs exercises for beginners and take your fitness and physique further than ever before.

Are you ready to carve out a core of steel?

Well, look no further because we're about to dive headfirst into the world of abs exercises designed to take your physique to the next level.

We get you. You're already clued up on bodybuilding and want to build not only insane gains but build fitness, endurance and strength.

Here, we're going to break down abdominal exercises for beginners covering how and why to do them.

We're joining CrazyBulk athlete Teia Blackwood as she coaches you through a killer abs workout routine that crushes.

Ready? Let's go!

What are abs exercises?

Abs exercises, also known as abdominal exercises, are targeted exercises that focus on strengthening and toning the abdominal muscles.

These targeted workouts focus on strengthening and defining your abdominal muscles, which can give you a balanced and symmetrical physique as well as a strong core.

A strong core means a reduced risk of injury and the ability to perform all kinds of everyday movements like bending and twisting with ease.

It also means better posture and the ability to be more stable in your movements. It's like unlocking the secret to a rock-solid core.

Progressive overload is vital when it comes to improving your abdominal muscles. Gradually increasing the intensity and difficulty of your workouts will challenge your muscles and help you make progress towards your goals.

So, what are the muscle groups used in ab exercises?

Rectus Abdominis

These are the ‘six-pack muscles’ that run down the front of your belly. They're responsible for helping you bend your spine and bring your rib cage closer to your pelvis when you do crunches or sit-ups. Basically, they're the ones that give you those defined abs.


There are two sets of oblique muscles—the external obliques and the internal obliques. The external obliques run diagonally across the sides of your belly and let you twist and bend your spine to the side.

The internal obliques are deeper and help with those same twisting and bending movements.

Transverse Abdominis

This muscle wraps around the sides and front of your belly like a natural corset. It's super important for giving your spine stability and supporting your core when you do exercises like planks or bridges.

Think of it as the powerhouse that keeps your midsection strong and steady.

Should beginners do abs workouts?

Woman doing ab crunches

In short, the answer is, yes.

We already know that ab exercises are incredibly core-strengthening, but what are the other reasons to do them?

Balance and symmetry

Abdominal exercises are key to developing a well-proportioned physique. Say goodbye to that lopsided look and hello to a symmetrical set of washboard abs.

Sports performance booster

Strengthening those abs gives you explosive power, improved balance, and insane control. Get ready to outshine the competition and leave them all in the dust!

Kiss back pain goodbye

Abdominal exercises provide vital support to your lower back and spine, relieving discomfort and preventing injuries caused by weak abs.

Get that rock-solid core and enjoy a pain-free existence. Yes!

Dominate everyday life

Functional strength is the name of the game, our friend. Abs exercises work multiple muscle groups, not just those abs! Your hips, lower back, and pelvis get in on the action too.

This functional strength translates into better performance in your daily activities, making everything from lifting heavy objects to nailing that yoga pose a piece of cake!

Flexibility freak

Certain abs exercises can help improve your flexibility in a pretty impressive way.

Stretching and twisting motions in these exercises unlock a greater range of motion in your torso, hips, and lower back.

Breathe easy

Strengthening your core means boosting your breathing game too. Those powerful abs provide support to your diaphragm, leading to increased lung capacity and better breathing efficiency.

Just make sure to nail that Crazybulk form, push yourself, and you'll be well on your way to becoming an abs-solutely unstoppable force.

Let's do this!

The benefits of beginner abs workout for female bodybuilders

Defined abs

When it comes to sculpting a physique that demands attention, targeting those abs is an absolute game-changer.

Let's look at why beginner abs exercises are so good for female bodybuilders in particular.

Enhanced performance in bodybuilding and sports

Strengthening your abs has a direct impact on your overall performance. From explosive power during lifts to improved balance and control in athletic movements, your sculpted core is your secret weapon for success as a fierce female bodybuilder.

Aesthetics and physique transformation

Sculpted abs don't just showcase your dedication and hard work, but they also ooze confidence and raw strength. Train those abs like a boss and watch your physique transform into a work of art.

Range of motion

Some abs exercises involve stretching and twisting motions, unlocking a newfound range of motion in your torso, hips, and lower back. Developing flexibility in these areas can open doors to mastering advanced poses and performing dynamic movements.

Endurance boost

Strengthening your core directly impacts your breathing efficiency, enhancing lung capacity, and endurance. Boost your cardio sessions and power through grueling workouts, no problem.

Confidence and self-empowerment

Powerful abs pave the way for a powerful mindset.

Stand tall, embrace your true strength, and radiate self-empowerment wherever you go. Strong abs not only look good but feel good.

VIDEO: Female bodybuilding workout: beginner ab blast

Here is CrazyBulk's beginner ab blast workout presented by P.T and athlete Teia Blackwood.

Complete three rounds of the following movements and get crushing.

Start your beginner's bodyweight workout in 3...2...1…

The abs video exercises explained

How was the routine? Did you feel the burn?

Let's break down each exercise to understand how it works and why it works for your abs.

20 x Alternating dead bugs

A dead bug is a core workout that specifically targets your abdominals, lower back, and hip flexors.

To properly execute this exercise and maintain correct posture and form:

Your start position for a dead bug exercise sees you lie on your back with your arms extended directly upwards towards the ceiling.

  • Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle, ensuring that your thighs are perpendicular to the floor, while keeping your calves parallel to the floor.
  • Maintain a neutral spine position by gently pressing your lower back into the floor. You want to imagine a slight arch formed with your lower back by actively engaging your core.
  • Gradually and in a controlled manner, lower your right arm towards the floor, simultaneously straightening your left leg and lowering it towards the floor. Throughout the movement, keep your core engaged and your lower back pressed against the floor.
  • Return your right arm and left leg to the starting position in a synchronized manner.
  • Repeat the movement, this time simultaneously extending your left arm overhead and lowering your right leg towards the floor. Continue alternating for the remainder of the reps.

Top tip…

Always try to perform controlled movements, avoiding any sudden jerking or swinging motions that might irritate or cause an injury. Keep good posture throughout.

20 x Crunches (with hands in the middle)

These are exercises that target the core, particularly your abdominals.

Lie down on your back with your knees bent and your feet positioned flat on the floor, creating a solid base.

  • Place your hands in the middle of your chest or slightly behind your head— find that sweet spot where you feel comfortable yet engaged.
  • Engage your core like you're preparing for a superhero landing! Squeeze those abs.
  • Lift your upper body off the ground, curling your chest towards your knees. Feel the burn in those abdominal muscles.
  • Exhale as you perform the crunch, giving it all you've got.
  • Lower your upper body back down, but don't rest on the ground just yet. Keep those abs engaged and maintain control throughout the movement.

Top tip…

Try different variations of crunches, like bicycle crunches, reverse crunches, or oblique crunches. Mixing it up keeps your workouts interesting and targets other muscles and their groups too.

Woman with six pack abs

20 x Crunches (alternate hands in and out)

These exercises are an excellent ab workout as they strengthen and tone the core and improve muscular endurance.

Start lying down on your back, feet flat on the floor, knees bent, and arms stretched up above your shoulders.

  • Engage your core and explosively crunch up, reaching your right hand towards your left foot. Feel that burn!
  • Extend your left arm overhead with power.
  • Control your descent back to the starting position. Keep those abs engaged and ready for more!
  • Repeat the crunch, but this time, channel your wild side as you bring your left hand towards your right foot. Feel the intensity!
  • Continue alternating sides feeling the deep contraction and exhilarating stretch of your ab muscles with every rep.

Top tip…

Exhale forcefully as you crunch up, channeling all your energy into that explosive movement. Inhale as you lower your body back down, preparing for the next rep.

30 to 45 sec plank pold

Chances are you love to hate the plank hold.

It's an exceptional exercise that targets your abs, obliques, lower back, and deep core muscles.

By holding this position, you'll build a foundation of strength and stability like never before.

Start face down on the floor with your forearms on the ground, aligning your elbows directly under your shoulders, legs extended on the ground.

  • As you extend your legs straight behind you and come onto your toes, your core muscles kick into high gear. Tensing your glutes and maintaining a straight line from your head to your legs extended out straight.
  • Keep your core engaged, hips level, and body aligned. Proper form is essential for the best results.
  • Deep, steady breathing throughout the plank helps oxygenate your muscles and power your explosive core strength.

Top tip…

Take your plank hold to the next level by adding variations such as side planks or adding intensity with a weighted vest.

20 x side plank rotations (each side)

This exercise will engage your core and target your oblique muscles.

Start by lying on your side, stack your elbow directly under your shoulder, and extend your legs out straight.

  • Lift your hips off the ground, creating a straight line from your head to your heels. Engage your oblique muscles to stabilize your body during the exercise.
  • Begin the rotation by lifting your top arm towards the ceiling, reaching as far as you can while maintaining balance. Allow your torso to follow, rotating your body towards the ceiling.
  • Complete the rotation by returning to the starting side plank position, aligning your elbow under your shoulder again. Emphasize control and stability throughout the movement.

Top tip…

Focus on controlled movements and emphasize the contraction of your oblique muscles.

To increase resistance and intensity, try adding a resistance band or holding a dumbbell.

Why YouTube videos are great for free expert workouts

Who doesn't love free, expert fitness advice? And when you throw in a video you can follow along to, it doesn't get much better.

The @crazybulkofficial channel is full of workout inspiration, gym hacks, nutrition guidance and everything you need to know to reach your bodybuilding goals.

So why not check out even more of our female bodybuilder videos like the Beginner Glute Workout or the Full Body Workout for Female Beginners and get crushing today? You’ve got this.

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