Zach Has NEVER Seen His Muscle Fibers Like This

Zach Has NEVER Seen His Muscle Fibers Like This! (And It Only Took 6 Weeks)

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29 Jan 2021

Zach’s a regular guy. In fact, you’ve probably got a few “Zachs” in your local gym. You know the type of kid – mid-20s, super hard-working, in the gym almost every day. But somehow their physique is kinda… lacking.

That was Zach a couple months ago. But guess what? He was sick of looking like an average gym guy. He knew he was at the peak of his lifting career – mid-20s, hormones going crazy, strength way up there. So he decided to make one big change to his muscle gain journey. With CrazyBulk’s help he packed on serious slabs of muscle on his legs, back, and upper body (check out those traps!) We’ll let Zach tell you exactly how he did it.

Zach before

man before muscle gain

Zach after

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Impressive, right?

So which are the products and training secrets that took Zach from weedy to wow in just 6 short weeks? Well, he picked 3 of our best-selling bulk and muscle gain products – D-bal, Anvarol, and Tren-Max – and used them as a stack for 6 weeks. Smart guy. Zach might have been surprised at how well this combo worked, but we weren’t!

“My experience using CrazyBulk products and training advice has been insane,” Zach told us. “I’ve never lifted this much weight before. And I’ve never felt so in shape! I highly recommend these products.”

Zach’s lean-gains stack of choice

Here’s why the triple-threat of D-bal, Anvarol, and Tren-Max is such a devastatingly effective trio when you’re desperate to add pure muscle all over your physique (and strip off a ton of body fat in the process!)

The lean-bulk pre-workout secret

Zach started every workout with a serving of Tren-Max – which has been specifically designed to help you get more from your workouts during a lean bulk phase. It’s all-natural, with 3 powerful plant phytosterols and alkaloids which directly help your muscles grow fresh tissue. It’s also got the digestive enzyme Pepsin, which is gonna help you digest all the goodness of your bulking diet so your muscle cells get all the protein and amino acids they need. We have to say, Zach looks hella healthy in those after pics!

The strength-boosting cutting agent

What impressed us most about Zach’s before and after photos is how he’s packed on so much mass, but actually gotten leaner in the process. That’s some kinda wizardry right there. If you’ve ever tried to do a lean bulk, you’ll know just how difficult it is to bulk up and lean down at the same time. You usually either wind up a fat mess, or you get lean but lose your gains in the process. Zach achieved the (apparently) impossible. That’s cos he made a smart decision when he ordered his CrazyBulk stack. He knew he needed bulking and strength products, but he thought outside of the box and added a shredding supplement into the mix.

Anvarol actually supports your energy levels and boosts your strength even as you lose body fat. It does this by stimulating more phosphocreatine synthesis in your muscles, which helps replenish ATP levels during workouts. Basically, ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is the energy source your muscles need to actually lift weights. Trouble is, it runs out fast during workouts!

Anvarol kick-starts the entire process, helping your body stay energized during workouts so you can lift more, workout harder, and train through plateaus.

The super-powered post-workout recovery supplement

D-bal is gonna boost your strength and fast-track you to gainsville – just like Zach’s “after” photos prove. It’s a potent blend of high-quality whey protein, plus extra BCAAs including leucine – the King of amino acids. But that’s not all. We turned D-Bal into a truly amazing post workout by adding Tribulus Terrestris (“Trib”) – a powerful herbal ingredient which boosts muscle growth and helps your body bulk during recovery phases. No wonder Zach felt his recovery was better than ever! He was literally giving his hungry muscles everything they need to repair, recover, and grow – so he could hit the gym hard again the next day.

“By the time I took these after photos, I had used D-bal, Anvarol, and Tren-Max for 6 weeks,” Zach said. “I did one cycle (4 weeks) and had just started a second 4-week cycle”.

Zach had heard that CrazyBulk products work just as well as banned substances, but obviously, they’re completely safe and legal. So he made the decision. This time, he was gonna do things properly. He set himself up with the ultimate stack of a pre-workout, a shredding supplement, and an amazing post-workout booster. And once Zach began to take the post-workout window seriously, everything changed.

Visible results in weeks

Within a few weeks, Zach was lifting heavier, training harder, and seeing amazing results in the mirror.

“Every workout I noticed something different about my physical appearance,” he said. “My whole body had visibly gotten much bigger, I was seeing veins I’d never seen before, and I could see all my muscle fibers doing their thing as I lifted.”

What a buzz! There’s nothing like watching yourself in the gym mirror and seeing your muscles ripple and move as you lift, curl, and squeeze those weights. No wonder Zach felt so happy. He was seeing results happening right in front of his eyes – and it only took 6 short weeks!

Other People Are also Getting INSANE Results

From 40b dumbells to 70lbs on the incline bench!

“I haven’t maxed a specific exercise yet but my reps and intensity increased dramatically,” Zach told us. “Before I started the cycle, I could do only 40lb dumbbells on the incline bench for a couple reps. Now I do 70lbs for 3-4 sets of 10 – and it’s still increasing. Every workout I do is more weight than the last week – at least a 10lb increase on every exercise for the same reps the week before.”

What advice does Zach have for anyone else in his position? Remember, he was a 20-something guy in great health, already training pretty hard. He should have been in the best shape of his life – but he hadn’t found the final piece of the puzzle.

“Listen, CrazyBulk supps are the best on the market,” he said without hesitation. “My whole body has gotten bigger, I’m a lot more toned, and I’ve lost 15lb in 6 weeks. It’s gotta be body fat cos every body part is increasing in size! The next step for me will be using a CrazyBulk cutting stack to lose even more fat and reveal my new physique even more. I’m excited!

And what of his initial goal? “My goal was to cut as much fat as possible, but gain a ton of muscle at the same time. It’s working pretty well in my opinion,” Zach said.

And we agree!

Who else wants results like these?

A ton of visible muscle gain, 15lbs of fat loss, more energy, crazy strength gains… all in 6 weeks? Sounds too good to be true, right? But Zach is living proof that anyone can achieve it. You just need the right kind of supplements, a smart training plan, and the self-motivation to train hard for 6 weeks. What are you waiting for?

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