What Is TB 500 (Thymosin Beta 4)

What Is TB 500 (Thymosin Beta 4) and How You Can Use It for Muscle Gains

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28 Jan 2021

TB-500 is a synthetic replica of a protein that’s known as Thymosin Beta-4. It shares the same healing properties as the organic protein, and thus can be very useful for people who are interested in maximizing the results of their bodybuilding.

TB500 is often used in the world of animal racing to help enhance the performance of animals as well as to reduce the chances of developing injuries. Humans can potentially benefit just as much as animals do from using this substance – but that’s not without its risks or benefits.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the pros and cons of TB 500 so you can decide whether or not you think it’s a good idea to include this substance in your bodybuilding regimen.

What is TB 500 and Thymosin Beta 4

TB500 is the synthetic version of the thymosin peptide (sometimes referred to as the tb 500 peptide) that naturally appears in both human and animal bodies. It is most commonly used in research studies that are done in horses – this is largely because the supplement isn’t exactly easy to obtain as such. It’s mostly sold for use by veterinarians and for research.

The thymosin family was first discovered in the mid-60s. Researchers at the Albert Einstein College began to develop an understanding of how the thymus impacted the development of immune systems in vertebrates.

These same researchers are now largely the ones responsible for the production of TB 500. They develop it because they have seen first-hand it’s impressive properties and its ability to help restore and recover tissues in living bodies.

TB-500 is used quite often to help prevent injuries in horses, though it’s not usually used by prescription because it’s not available as such. That said, it has a more legitimate use for animals than it does for humans. The majority of people who have used TB-500 are avid experimenters – though there have been reports of people using it for medicinal purposes since as early as 1974.

Bodybuilder that uses TB 500 Thymosin Beta 4

The effects of thymosin beta tend to mimic those of the growth hormone in both humans and animals. However, these effects are a bit different than you might find in steroids, natural or otherwise. These effects can include:

  • Increased strength and improved muscle gains
  • Increased endurance
  • Decreased healing time from wounds, faster repair of tissues
  • Helping to reduce instances of pain and inflammation
  • Improving flexibility
  • Stimulating the growth of hair

TB-500 has even been shown to help people manage a condition that’s known as athlete’s heart, a fairly serious problem that causes tissue in the heart to become damaged.

TB500 and thymosin beta 4 aren’t completely identical, but the two are often referred to as the same compound – usually by the same people who refer to thymosin beta-4 as the ‘thymosin hormone.’ First off, legitimate thymosin beta-4 is pretty hard to find. TB-500, being synthetic, is naturally easier to obtain – though even this can be a bit of a challenge.

As discussed above, TB-500 has been studied more extensively for its benefits on helping to treat ailments in animals. Some of the benefits attributed to various types of mammals include:

  • Increasing the speed at which wounds heal, while reducing the instances of scars and discomfort
  • Helps to promote the production of stem cells, allowing for repair at a cellular level
  • Can help to improve symptoms of diabetes in canines
  • Helps to promote the health of blood cells
  • Helps to ward off inflammation
  • Helps to boost levels of stamina

Most of the reports from people who have used TB-500 have used the compound to help treat wounds that would otherwise take a long time to heal up. It’s also been shown to be useful for helping to manage long-term or chronic injuries.

How Does TB500 Work

Big bodybuilder exercising

Now that you know about what TB-500 can do, you’re probably interested about how it actually goes about doing this. Learning this can be important for helping you to decide whether or not you actually want to use this stuff or not.

One of the things that it does is upregulate cellular proteins that are responsible for helping to build and repair things. Upregulation means that your body will become more receptive to the response of these hormones.

One of the main hormones that is responsible for this is actin. Upregulating actin encourages faster growth of cellular tissues, enhances cell migration, and encourages cells to reproduce. This is particularly important for helping to build blood vessel pathways. Upregulating actin also helps to promote positive inflammation, which indicates to your immune system that healing energy needs to be directed to a certain part of your body (i.e., wherever you have an injury).

TB500 has an interesting molecular structure, and it’s also a very light compound. This means that it’s able to move easily throughout tissue and can travel a great distance throughout the body. When using TB-500, it’s actually able to traverse the body until it’s able to find wounds or areas that are in need of healing, and it can exert its effects there.

Recommended TB500 dosage

The dosages of TB-500 are varied, but it’s recommended that you don’t use more than 4 to 10 mg more than twice a week for the first couple of weeks. You should use this for anywhere from a month to a month and a half. After this, your system should be accustomed to the drug.

Following this period, you won’t need to take as much of it, or as often. For maintenance, you can take half of your dose – between 2 and 5 mg – once a week, and following this you’ll only need to take this dose once a month.

That said, these are largely just doses that have been recommended by people who have experimented with and had positive results using TB 500. Since the drug is not available for pharmaceutical purposes and it’s not legally sold as a supplement, there’s no legitimate benchmark for what an optimal dosage would be.

How to take it for the best results

Bodybuilder with 6 pack abs

If you’re going to be getting your TB-500, then you probably have to buy it online. We have a section on this later in the article that will describe this in more detail.

Much like other similar compounds, you will have to reconstitute the substance before you’re able to use it. It will come in powder form, and you’ll need to mix it with a bit of bacteriostatic water.

Doing this is easy:

  • Remove the lid from your BAC water and your TB-500, and make sure to sanitize everything by using an alcohol swab: the BAC water, your TB-500 container, etc.
  • Fill your needle with BAC water and then squirt that into your bottle of T-500. Try to aim the water so it flows down the edges of the container instead of squirting it right onto the powder. It should dissolve it nicely.

To figure out your dosages, you’ll have to figure out how many mg of powder you have and how many ml of water you are going to be mixing with. For example, if you have 5 mg of powder and you mix it with 10 ml of water, each ml of water will have 0.5 mg of the substance in it.

Once you’ve got it mixed, you’ll have to suck it into a syringe and inject it. TB-500 can be injected into a muscle, under the skin, or into the vein, depending on which way that you like to do it.

TB 500 side effects?

Most of the studies done on TB-500 have shown different results, so the jury is out as to whether or not there are any consistent side effects that would occur with regular usage.

For example, some studies say that it can help to manage cancer by regulating the movement of colon cancer cells. Other researchers have come to different conclusions, and some have found that it could even cause cancer.

There is a body of evidence that has shown that people with cancer have higher levels of thymosin than those who don’t have cancer. It’s possible that this has contributed to the idea that TB-500 causes cancer, though this is currently unsure.

One of the other reasons that TB-500 might be suspected to increase the chances of developing cancer is because it targets areas of the body that need help. For this reason, TB-500 could show up in areas that are affected by cancer.

Where to buy it?

Dark web buying TB 500

If you’re hoping to buy TB-500, you’re probably going to have to go online to get it. It’s usually sold under the name thymosin beta-4, however, the likelihood is that you will be getting the synthetic version: TB 500.

There are a number of websites that are in the business of marketing peptides. They are sold under the name ‘research chemicals,’ and often have a label indicating that they are not to be used for human consumption.

Difference between TB 500 and BPC 157?

TB 500 and BPC 157 are both compounds that have been used for helping people improve recovery times. However, these compounds are not the same.

First off, BPC-157 (or Body Protecting Peptide) is actually produced in the body’s digestive tract. It’s responsible for helping to heal the damage caused by ulcers, as well as to facilitate digestion. This compound can still help to promote recovery when tissues in the body are damaged, and it can also boost your digestive health.

While BPC-157 shares similar healing properties, TB-500 has actually received more positive reviews in regards to its ability to help heal muscle tissue. For this reason, it might be more useful for bodybuilders and athletes who are interested in speeding up recovery time.

Some users find that they are able to experience the most benefits when they use both TB 500 and BPC 157 together, though ultimately this decision will be up to you.

In Conclusion

TB 500 is the synthetic version of a peptide that is known to be useful for helping to treat injuries and improve the rate at which bodily tissues heal. Most of the studies on TB 500 have been done on animals, though there is a growing body of evidence that suggests TB 500 could be useful for humans as well.

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